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Jersey Icon: Rutt’s Hut

As part of my blog, I am going to include posts about “Jersey icons.” These are locations that are of cultural, historical, and popular importance. Today’s Jersey Icon? Rutt’s Hut.

Rutt's Hut
A typical meal at the Jersey famous Rutt’s Hut.

There are lots of great hot dog joints in New Jersey. My favorite, by far, is Rutt’s Hut. Since 1928, Rutt’s Hut in Clifton has made what patrons call “rippers;” hot dogs deep fried until they split open. For generations, this place has a deep-fried spot in many a Jersey heart. They have a language all their own – if an order is to go, it is “travelin.” You want an order of fries? It is a “frenchie.”

Since I was a child, this was a usual spot. Most of the time, I would be on the “to go” side, picking up huge orders for everyone at the house on a Saturday night. Nowadays, my husband and I go to the “sit down” area since we don’t live nearby anymore. They have a menu, but no one I know has ever even looked at it. Your choices are:

  • Wellers (with their famous home-made relish)
  • Fries
  • Rings
  • Burgers
  • Birch soda
  • Chili (with or without beans)

If you are going there for anything else, you are missing the point. Needless to say if you are a vegetarian, watching your cholesterol, or focused on healthy eating, then this is not your place. If you do decide to go, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. This is true Jersey Icon.

5 thoughts on “Jersey Icon: Rutt’s Hut

  1. Mimi figured out the recipe for the Rutts Secret Relish.. Use thuman’s beef/pork dos in the blue and white package and throw them in the grill They rip.. (i brush them in olive oil brfore i grill em . with spicey brown Mustard and the cabbage relish.. its like i’m there.. Except you dont get that Rutts Ambiance and the paintongs of the women staring back at you! lol

  2. I haven’t looked at a menu there since I was a kid, but I have to say if for some reason you aren’t in the mood for a hot dog…the sliced steak sandwich (that comes with its own fries and onion rings…no need to share) is really good and the cream of turkey soup (on weekends only) is really good too. My mom also really likes the split pea soup that they have served every Thursday since who knows when.

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