The Fly Fishing Show: Somerset, NJ

One of the things I love about New Jersey is the diversity of activities you can do here. You can swim in the Atlantic. You can hike part of the Appalachian Trail. You can gamble in Atlantic City. You can experience a variety of different cultural delights in Newark.

Fly Fishing ShowWell one of my favorite activities is fly fishing. My husband and I have a fly fishing instruction business where we teach people the art of fly casting and fly tying. Well, if you are into fly fishing, this weekend is the event to end all events – The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset.

You can find anything and everything related to fly fishing at this event. There are plenty of classes, lectures and casting demonstrations that are included in your show entry fee. You can learn about fly fishing just about anywhere in the world and try out more rods than you could ever imagine.

This post is also a little self-serving. My husband and I will be there talking about fly casting and giving lectures. If you would like to stop by and say hi, we will be at the Shu-Fly booth Friday and Saturday. We are also giving our presentation on tactics for stillwater fishing Friday and Saturday.

If you decide to attend, I hope you stop by!

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