All About Frenchtown

I really enjoy going to Frenchtown. It is a lovely little area with plenty of history. The first time I went there I was picking up my spinning wheel at The Spinnery. Since then, I go back for a day trip whenever I can.

Frenchtown, NJ

The Delaware River alongside Frenchtown.

Frenchtown is located along the banks of the Delaware River in Hunterdon County, across from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and bordering Alexandria and Kingwood Townships, just south of Milford. In recent years, Frenchtown has become a cultural destination with many art galleries and specialty shops and restaurants in the small downtown area. I could spend all day wandering the quaint shops and sitting in one of the many small restaurants enjoy a cup of coffee and something sweet.

In 1757, three joint owners purchased of a tract of land from the West Jersey Land Society and began laying out streets and building lots at Calvin’s Ferry. The developing town was to be called “Alexandria” in honor of William Alexander, Lord Stirling, one of the three owners. In 1776, the three sold the settlement to Thomas Lowrey, a Flemington speculator. In 1794, Lowrey sold the tract to Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost, a Swiss fugitive from the French Revolution. He and other early settlers were French speaking, leading some to begin calling the place “Frenchtown.”

In September 2012, the borough’s downtown has been named a Great Place in New Jersey by the state chapter of the American Planning Association. There are wonderful events that take place throughout the year that are great ways to learn more about the area and experience all the great shops, galleries, and eateries. For example, every July they have a wonderful Bastille Day event that includes a wonderful collection of events and is surely not to be missed!

So if you are looking for a quaint little area along the Delaware for a Jersey adventure, make sure you check out Frenchtown!


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