For all the Right Reasons: Mayor Hector Carlos Lora

“It’s so cold, I saw the Governor with his hands in his own pockets.”

As you all know, I don’t talk about politics on here. Mainly because politics, especially Jersey politics, is really ugly. Corruption, crony politics, back-room deals; it goes on forever. Or at least it feels like it does. And most of them forget why they are there; to serve We The People. This blog is all about what is good in New Jersey.

Enter Mayor Hector Carlos Lora.

Passaic Mayor Hector Carlos Lora
Passaic Mayor Hector Carlos Lora (credit: Facebook)

A few weeks ago, like many, I watched with shock and sadness as hundreds of fire fighters worked to control a commercial fire in Passaic. It brought me right back to the winter fire at the Marcal plant in Elmwood Park a few years ago. It was cold and windy. They needed to pump water from the river. They fought to keep huge burning embers from landing on nearby homes. It was a huge fire. Now Passaic was fighting the same type of fire the same way.

While looking for updates, I came across a live stream from Mayor Lora. He was there all night providing updates from the PFD, DEP, DOT; the entire alphabet soup. He gave all the information in English and then in Spanish. He kept his residents informed as best he could.

I was impressed.

Since then, I follow his page. And to answer what you are thinking, I don’t live in Passaic. I just like this guy’s style.

I know absolutely nothing of his politics. Whether he’s Democrat, Republican, or something else. What I can tell is he cares greatly about his community and does as much as possible to keep his residents informed about what is happening in Passaic. This morning he drove around checking out how the plowing was going and did a ride-along with his Deputy Chief of police. He helped stranded drivers and checked on the salt supply for the city.

The guy’s hands on and jumps in all the way.

Some of the politicians that have forgotten what serving We The People should check this guy out and take some notes.

Keep on Mayor. Thank you for having Passaic’s back.

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