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Italian Heritage Month 2022

I always heard a saying growing up. "There are two types of people. Italians and people that wish they were Italian." I agree completely. We grow up around three main concepts. Faith, family, and food. Sundays were extra special. We would start the day at church. Then head to the cemetery to plant flowers and… Continue reading Italian Heritage Month 2022

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Destruction, Degradation, and Death

Over the years I have shared my love of the Jersey Shore regularly. It seems like everyone has their favorite beach they visit year after year. For my husband and I it is Wildwood Crest. When my husband was just a boy, his family would vacation at the Pan American every summer. When we began… Continue reading Destruction, Degradation, and Death

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Roxbury Mourns Former Fire Chief

One week after the nation commemorated the twenty-first anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Roxbury Township lost one of its own to 9/11-related illness. Former Roxbury Fire Chief Jeff Poissant passed away after a long battle with cancer attributed to his work at the World Trade Center site after the attacks. Roxbury Fire Department… Continue reading Roxbury Mourns Former Fire Chief

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9/11: Twenty-One Years Later

"Where were you on 9/11?" For those of us who were witnesses to history, we remember every minute of that day. We can describe in detail every moment and every feeling. If you put that question to an entirely new generation, they have no answer. They weren't born. Just like if someone asked me where… Continue reading 9/11: Twenty-One Years Later

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Fourth Grade and New Jersey History

As the school year begins, I think back to growing up in Belleville and starting school in September. I have many wonderful memories of that time. In sixth grade I was part of the school patrol and guarded the kindergarten door. In middle school, I accompanied the chorus on piano for the first time. In… Continue reading Fourth Grade and New Jersey History

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The Bird and the Bug

This weekend I had a very frightening event happen at our home... thankfully with a very happy ending. I want to tell you that story to serve as a warning. The tail-end of last week, an email was sent out from our homeowner's association spraying would take place in an effort to try and kill… Continue reading The Bird and the Bug

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National New Jersey Day

This week we celebrated National New Jersey Day. Yes, that’s right. There’s an official day to nationally celebrate New Jersey. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate New Jersey and I thought I would share some interesting facts about our awesome state, which officially became a state in 1776. The New Jersey State Seal (source:… Continue reading National New Jersey Day

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The True Story Behind Jaws

Today begins the much anticipated Shark Week on Discovery. I've always been fascinated by marine wildlife. Fascination, along with a healthy dose of respect. That respect first came from the movie Jaws; one of my favorite all-time movies. What many do not know is Peter Benchley's inspiration for the book upon which the movie is… Continue reading The True Story Behind Jaws

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Need Mental Health Support? Call 988

Let's face it. The last few years have been incredibly difficult. It's taken a toll on everyone. We've all dealt with it in different ways. For some, sadly, it has been a bigger challenge and mental health has become a front page issue. Many people are starting to talk about the need for mental health… Continue reading Need Mental Health Support? Call 988

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Support for those who Support the Outdoors

Back in the freezing weather of January, I shared my goals for 2022. One of the most important goals outlined was to fight for our ever-dwindling open spaces in New Jersey. That includes fighting for those who share the love of the outdoors and educate others about the resource. Enter the frustrating situation of the… Continue reading Support for those who Support the Outdoors