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Memorial Day 2022 Events

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we all look forward to it for different reasons. For many it is a three day weekend. It is the unofficial kickoff to summer. It's barbeques, cold beer, and the beach. Actually, no, it really isn't. It is a moment to stop and honor and remember the fallen.… Continue reading Memorial Day 2022 Events

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It’s Spring; Be Bear Aware!

As the weather finally begins to warm up, we aren't the only creatures starting to emerge from our homes. Bears are waking up and making a grand entrance. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for them. Black bears are appearing in more and more residential areas and people that are not necessarily used to seeing them… Continue reading It’s Spring; Be Bear Aware!

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Get Out!

Yesterday my husband and I took advantage of the surprisingly warm weather and took a ride to an area of Sussex County we've been wanting to explore for quite awhile. I can't tell you how happy we did. If you aren't a fan of the winter (like us), it is easy to just hibernate and… Continue reading Get Out!

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Giving Tuesday in New Jersey

It is no surprise to anyone that COVID-19 has affected everyone in the Garden State. Some people lost their jobs. Some people lost their businesses. Some lost their lives. Many non-profits in the state lost important funding from private donors, as so many were barely able to feed their families and keep a roof over… Continue reading Giving Tuesday in New Jersey

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The End of an Era: The Chatterbox

This week, a well-loved business was demolished. The Chatterbox in Sussex County was around for years. It's kitschy d├ęcor, 50s music, and great food made for a wonderful small business. When the owner retired, sadly, there was no one able to carry on this wonderful diner. As a result, the building was demolished and the… Continue reading The End of an Era: The Chatterbox

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Class Action Park

"Shake it off..." That was the phrase I heard regularly growing up. Whenever I came home with a scraped knee, a bruise on my arm, or even if I was upset about something, I regularly heard that phrase. What is now often referred to "free range parenting," was just called "playing outside" when I was… Continue reading Class Action Park

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The Official Jersey Bucket List – Part Two

After the publishing of my "Official Jersey Bucket List," I received many requests for a part two. I will admit as soon as I published it, I continued to come up with more ideas. There is so much to see in New Jersey, it is almost impossible to include it all in one list. Let's… Continue reading The Official Jersey Bucket List – Part Two

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The Official Jersey Bucket List

As we all continue to wait to be paroled from Coronavirus jail, many of us are making plans of what we would like to do once we are free to go anywhere and do anything. Well, this had me start to make a "Jersey bucket list;" all the things Jersey-related someone should do at some… Continue reading The Official Jersey Bucket List

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Five Tips to Surviving Coronavirus – Jersey Style

So we've all been hearing about the expansion of the Coronavirus around the world on a minute-by-minute basis. A lot of people are in quarantine - either by choice or government mandate; others are following curfews. We are all social distancing and every school in New Jersey has been switched to remote learning. For the… Continue reading Five Tips to Surviving Coronavirus – Jersey Style

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Rambling ‘Round: Respectrum Books

Like most Jersey kids, I spent many of my teenage hours at the mall. Before my friends and I could drive we would take the public bus to Willowbrook and just wander. After I had my license, I was officially set free to go whenever I wanted (almost). Whether it was sitting with a slice… Continue reading Rambling ‘Round: Respectrum Books